The lecturers – and all the staff – are so helpful and committed. – I’m very happy here

Rachel Yinka Olaitan

BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies

When Rachel moved to London 27 years ago, she was looking for opportunities to improve herself. As a Professional Health Studies student, she’s now helping to improve the lives of others too.

An unwavering desire to be the best version of herself plays a huge part in Rachel’s story. She’s moved halfway across the world, established herself in a new city, embraced a new culture, and enrolled in university to expand her horizons even further.

On top of that, while studying for her degree, Rachel worked part-time with Choice Support – a charity that helps people with learning difficulties.

You could say someone with that kind of dedication could succeed anywhere. But Rachel’s commitment is exactly what brought her to UWS. Looking for a London-based university that would boost her prospects and secure her future, she asked around for recommendations. A friend mentioned UWS and she decided to find out more. She checked our track record online and liked what she saw, “I was impressed, especially at the student employment rates.”

Since starting her course, Rachel says she can see why so many students do well here. “The lecturers – and all the staff – are so helpful and committed. The teaching is very good. The IT team helped me improve my computer skills. The librarians are always helpful. It really is a quality service – I’m very happy here.”

Rachel’s sights are set on a senior position in her field – a goal that’s looking more achievable every day.

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