What is an MBA?

If you’re considering postgraduate study in order to boost your salary expectations, then you might be looking at master’s degrees or higher programmes such as PhDs or taught doctorates. Another option that we touched briefly on in our post about master’s degrees is the MBA.

What are undergraduate degrees?

An undergraduate degree is usually the first programme of study that university students undertake. Here is everything you need to know about undergraduate degrees, the different types available, what they involve and how to apply.

Why study International Business?

UWS London student. He is working seriously with two other female students. They have dark hair, light/medium skin.

If you’re considering a career in business, it makes sense to study a degree in the subject – since you’ll need a rounded, in-depth understanding of how business works, from transactions through to human resource management. But if you’re expecting, or hoping that your career will lead you to employment in different countries around the […]

What is a master’s degree?

Master’s degrees allow students to gain a much deeper understanding of the industry they plan to work in. Here is everything you need to know about master’s degrees.