The Ultimate Guide to The Best Girls’ Night Out in London

girls' night out in london

Best Girls’ Night out in London After a long week of classes or a busy week at work, there’s nothing better than having a memorable night out with your girls. Getting fully glammed and putting together the perfect outfit is just the beginning. Next, you’ll be sipping cocktails, dancing until your feet hurt, and singing […]

How to Make Friends in London

making friends in london

If you need some inspiration and a confidence boost, this article will give you a bunch of ideas on how to make friends in a city as lively as London. Making friends in a city as big as London can be daunting. It seems like everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere. They […]

10 Reasons to Study Abroad in London

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Studying abroad in London will be a life changing experience. The capital is a truly unique place to live and welcomes people from all over the world choosing to live, study or work here. There are many reasons to study abroad in London and it will open incredible opportunities for you. You will not only […]

How to Find Student Accommodation in London

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Are you ready for an exciting new chapter to unfold? Moving to London is an adventure and a big step of the process is choosing accommodation that is right for you. There is no right or wrong choice, the most important part is that you feel happy, comfortable and safe in the property you choose. […]

How to find quiet places to study in London

Is it just us, or is it hard to escape the rat race of London to find some quiet? A bustling city like this is a dream as a student looking for something to do, but not so much when you’re trying to cram for an upcoming exam. Don’t give up though, because hidden amongst […]

How to write a dissertation

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Dissertations can feel like an intimidating prospect but with the right preparation, you can minimise the amount of stress you encounter and manage your project with enough time. Find out more about how to tackle your dissertation.

Why should you consider a foundation year?

Foundation years are not mandatory, but many students find that it offers significant advantages for their future study. In this post we’ll be looking at what a foundation year is, who should study a foundation year, and the reasons it might be right for you.