Life in London for an Indian Student

Indian student

Life in London is distinct. The lifestyle here can be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s a city with a beating heart that students from around the world treasure. That’s why we think it’s no surprise that a place this diverse has a huge international student population. The appeal keeps on growing, with the […]

Best English Pubs in London

london pub

London is full of historic and exotic pubs on every corner. Each one is well equipped with a unique atmosphere and décor to match. They are the best places in the city to stumble upon divine pub grub and a remarkable selection of drinks. From enjoying pub classics on the river with a glass of […]

Best British Pub Food in London

History of British Pubs Pubs are considered an important part of British culture. This is unsurprising since we might have actually invented them! Before they became the safe havens we know them as today, they are thought to have started off in Britain as Roman taverns. As the focal point of many communities, having a […]

The UK Graduate Immigration Route for International Students

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The UK government recently published the exciting news that international students will soon be able to work in the UK for up to three years after graduation via the new Graduate Route. This creates a huge opportunity for international students who complete their degrees in the UK to take advantage of the business opportunities available […]

How to Survive London as an International Student


Change is an exciting concept that can help us increase our resilience and capacity for learning. But it can also be challenging. The culture shock of moving to London as an international student can be abrupt. Life in the city might not be like anywhere you have experienced before. The UK’s capital is a beautiful […]

Student Bars London – The Best Bars for Students in London

london bar

As a student in London, life is fast-paced and loaded with heavy to-do lists. After hitting the library all day, unwinding with a night out in the vibrant city is almost obligatory. Weaved amongst the attractions, you’ll find happy hours galore and a thousand quirky bars. To save you the searching, here are our top […]

Why Study Business in London

business in london

Studying business is a versatile degree for energetic self-starters who are hungry for success. With a business degree, you will dive deep into the best strategic minds, master business theory and grasp critical thinking abilities to sharpen your mindset. Whether your goal is to become a CEO in the corporate world, an entrepreneur or an […]

24-Hour Places to Study in London

London is not known as ‘the city that never sleeps’. But with the night tube, a selection of night buses and bike-hire available 24/7, the city is more connected late at night than we may think. Whether you have an early morning deadline or you just prefer the quiet of the night to study, working […]

The Stages of Culture Shock – How it Occurs and How to Overcome it

culture shock in london

Believe it or not – culture shock is a legitimate thing that has been studied by professors across the globe. It is a universally recognised four-stage process that many international students experience when moving abroad to study. Although it’s not just experienced by people moving abroad. It’s also perfectly normal to feel the effects in […]

Best Cafés to Study in London

coffee shop in london

London is an enchanting city with an abundance of quirky cafés and abstract tearooms. With thousands of students and entrepreneurs living and working in the city, it’s no surprise that many of London’s coffee shops pride themselves on being work/study hotspots. Since you live in the UK’s dynamic capital, sometimes it’s nice to ditch the […]