BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies

BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies 2021 Award BSc (Hons)/BSc Duration 2 years full-time (BSc Hons)1 year full-time (BSc) Start date May 2021, Sept 2021 Introduction Our course has been developed to enable you to gain the BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies award by offering generic and practice specific modules that are relevant to modern and […]

BA (Hons) International Business

UWS London student. He is working seriously with two other female students. They have dark hair, light/medium skin.

BA (Hons) International Business 2021 Award BA (Hons) Duration 2 years, 8 months full-time (flexible options for study available) Start date May 2021, Sept 2021 Introduction The BA (Hons) International Business at UWS offers an opportunity to study in London towards a business degree that has been developed for the international graduate of today. The […]