What is an MBA?

If you’re considering postgraduate study in order to boost your salary expectations, then you might be looking at master’s degrees or higher programmes such as PhDs or taught doctorates. Another option that we touched briefly on in our post about master’s degrees is the MBA.

How to write a dissertation

Dissertations can feel like an intimidating prospect but with the right preparation, you can minimise the amount of stress you encounter and manage your project with enough time. Find out more about how to tackle your dissertation.

What can I do with an accounting and finance degree?

There are some excellent reasons to choose accounting and finance as a degree. In this post, we’ll look at the types of jobs that your degree in accounting and finance might lead you to, as well as graduate schemes and postgraduate study options.

Why should you consider a foundation year?

Foundation years are not mandatory, but many students find that it offers significant advantages for their future study. In this post we’ll be looking at what a foundation year is, who should study a foundation year, and the reasons it might be right for you.

What are undergraduate degrees?

An undergraduate degree is usually the first programme of study that university students undertake. Here is everything you need to know about undergraduate degrees, the different types available, what they involve and how to apply.

Guide to qualifications

Choosing a qualification to study can be a challenge. Find out more about the different types of study available in our guide to qualifications.

How to become an accountant

Wondering if you should train to become an accountant? There are several routes to attaining chartered status. We look at each pathway in this post.