The BA (Hons) International Pathway with Foundation Year is designed to challenge the students’ intellectual and imaginative understanding and judgement; their ability to resolve problems effectively and their ability to recognise the relevance of a wide variety of approaches fundamental problem solving in a variety of business situations. The programme will engender an analytical and creative approach, encourage independent judgement and critical self-awareness all directed towards continual improvement in the business sector.

The Foundation Year is an introductory program designed to prepare students for entry into a bachelor’s degree program. It is particularly beneficial for those who do not meet the direct entry requirements or need to enhance their academic skills.

Our Business Foundation Year provides you with the opportunity to start your journey towards a bachelor’s degree. This program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in higher education and a future career in the global business environment.

Combined, both programmes cover topics such as communication and IT skills, Financing the Business, Structuring an organization in the Foundation year, and judgment of core business practices, including finance, marketing, human resources, general business, and economics in BA (Hons) International Business program.

About the course

The BA (Hons) International Business Pathways with Foundation Year offers students a unique opportunity to pursue a business degree tailored to address the influences of the external labor market in the UK, Europe, and the global business community. Students can choose between two pathways—Marketing or Business—to deepen their expertise in their area of interest.

This program equips students with the knowledge and skills essential for business graduates entering employment in small, medium, and large organizations, both locally and internationally. The Foundation Year provides a pathway for students to begin their studies with a qualification tailored to meet the needs of the international student market and the broader global business environment.

The degree levels are structured to impart contemporary practical and professional skills, grounded in relevant academic theory. This ensures the development of 21st-century graduates who are workplace-ready or prepared to pursue further education at the postgraduate level.

Core business areas such as Business Management, Business Sectors, HRM, Marketing, and Economics are integral to the program. Students can delve deeper into these subjects through two pathway options, Business and Marketing.

Upon completing an Honours degree, graduates have multiple pathways to postgraduate studies, both within the University and beyond. Many may also pursue professional qualifications in their chosen fields of specialization.

Trimester 1

  • Communication Skills (20 credits)
  • Study Skills (20 credits)

Trimester 2

  • Professional Development Practice (20 credits)
  • IT Skills (20 credits)

Trimester 3

  • Business Organisations (20 credits)
  • Business Operations (20 credits)

The programme runs over four levels, including teaching activities coupled with independent learning. The course explores how students can put what they have learned over the four years into practice within a business, and how they could implement change in an organisation through the knowledge they have gained.

Level 1

  • Accounting & Finance for Business (20 credits)
  • BCI Professional and Academic Development 1 (20 credits)
  • Economic Principles (20 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Marketing (20 credits)
  • Introduction to Business (20 credits)
  • Introduction to Human Resources (20 credits)

Level 2

  • BCI Professional and Academic Development 2 (20 credits)
  • Business Cultures (20 credits)
  • Data Analytics (20 credits)
  • Operations in Business (20 credits)
  • Optional Modules
    • Entrepreneurship in Business (Business Pathway) (20 credits)
    • International Marketing (Marketing Pathway) (20 credits)

Level 3

  • BCI Professional and Academic Development 3 (20 credits)
  • Business Research Skills (20 credits)
  • Globalisation and International Business (20 credits)
  • Strategic Management (20 credits)
  • Optional Modules
    • Critical Management Studies (Business Pathway) (20 credits)
    • Theoretical Perspectives of Management (Business Pathway) (20 credits)
    • Digital Marketing 20 (Marketing Pathway) (20 credits)
    • Marketing Communication (Marketing Pathway) (20 credits)

Level 4

  • Honours Dissertation (International Business) (40 credits)
  • Management of Change (20 credits)
  • Sustainable Enterprise (20 credits)
  • Optional Modules
    • Emerging Markets and Multinational Corporations (Business Pathway) (20 credits)
    • Organisational Strategy (Business Pathway) (20 credits)
    • Insights and Trends (Marketing Pathway) (20 credits)
    • International Marketing Strategy 9Marketing Pathway) (20 credits)

The BA (Hons) International Business pathway programme uses a range of teaching, learning and assessment methods in order to enable the learning outcomes to be achieved. Individual modules use different mixes of teaching, learning and assessment methods as appropriate to the learning outcomes of that module 

Throughout the programme there are deliberate strategies to expose students to a wide range of teaching, learning and assessment methods in order to assist the development of a wide range of skills, specifically employability skills valued by employers. 

Learning & teaching 

  • Scheduled learning 30% (60 hours per module) 
  • Independent study 70% (140 hours per module) 

Delivery methods 

  • Lectures 40% 
  • Tutorials 60%

Assessment types

  • Coursework 40%  
  • Exams 30%  
  • Groupwork/Presentations 20%  
  • Portfolio 10%

Where will this course take me?

After completing a bachelor’s degree in international business, you have several potential career paths and further education options available to you. Here are some common possibilities:

Career Paths:

  1. International Business/Trade Professional: You can work in areas such as international marketing, global supply chain management, import/export operations, foreign direct investment, and international sales for companies that operate globally.
  2. International Relations/Foreign Affairs: With a focus on cross-cultural understanding and global economics, you may find opportunities in government agencies, non-profit organizations, or think tanks dealing with international relations and foreign policy.
  3. International Banking/Finance: Many banks, investment firms, and financial institutions require professionals with an understanding of international business practices, regulations, and markets.
  4. Consulting: Management consulting firms, particularly those with an international focus, hire international business graduates to advise clients on global strategy, market entry, and operations.

Further Education:

  1. Master’s Degree: You can pursue a master’s degree in international business, international management, international relations, or a related field to gain advanced knowledge and specialization.
  2. MBA (Master of Business Administration): An MBA, especially one with a concentration in international business or global management, can enhance your credentials and open up more senior-level opportunities.
  3. Language Studies: Developing proficiency in one or more foreign languages can be valuable for international business roles and may involve additional language studies or immersion programs.
  4. Region-specific Studies: Pursuing a graduate degree or certificate program focused on a specific region or country can deepen your expertise in that area’s business practices, culture, and language.

Additionally, some international business graduates choose to start their own businesses, either importing/exporting goods and services or working as consultants in the international arena. The versatility of this degree provides various paths for those interested in globally-oriented careers.

Course leader profile

Dr Zorlu Senyucel 5
Dr Zorlu Senyucel
Programme Leader: BA (Hons) International Business

Further information

We welcome UK and international students and consider all applicants on an individual basis. If your qualifications are not listed here please contact one of our admissions officer to get the minimum entry requirements for a range of international qualifications.

  • Equivalent of 72 UCAS tariff points from equivalent SCQF Level 5 qualification
  • GCE Equivalent of 72 UCAS tariff points from equivalent SCQF Level 5 qualifications.
  • Minimum Age 18+

Applicants may also be considered with other academic, vocational or professional qualifications deemed to be equivalent. For more information on specific academic entry requirements per country, please contact one of our admissions officers.

For applicants whose first language is not English, the University sets a minimum English language proficiency level. The qualifications below must have been gained within two years of the start of your course.

General English language requirements at UWS: International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic module (not General Training)

Only SELT tests accepted:

  • IELTS (SELT Consortium) –overall 5 with 4.5 minimum in each components
  • PTE (UKVI Academic) – overall 43-49 minimum, with no component below 43
  • Skills for English – overall 5 minimum, with no element below 4.5

For more information on specific English language entry requirements per country as well as alternative qualifications accepted and exemptions, please contact one of our admissions officer.

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Tuition fees

Business Foundation Year

UK (excluding Scotland)
International (including EU)

Tuition fees

BA (Hons) International Business

UK (excluding Scotland)
£9,250 per year
International (including EU)
£15,500 per year

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