Application Guide

How to Apply

If you would like to study at UWS London, it is easy to make an application. However, first there are a few steps that you need to go through to ensure you have everything you need to make an application.

Before you begin your application, it is important to read our step-by-step guide for a smooth and stress-free process. Once you are ready to apply, visit our website and fill in an enquiry form.

You will then be contacted by The Education Group London, a University of the West of Scotland service partner, who will take you through the application process.

1. Choose a course

Explore the courses on offer.

2. Check entry requirements

Check if your academic qualifications and English Language levels meet the course entry requirements.

3. Contact TEG Admissions Team

Fill out the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch.

4. Prepare the documents

Once you have had a call with us, compile the required documents to be submitted.

5. Write a personal statement

Check out our guide on how to write a personal statement.

6. Submit an application

Fill out an application form here.

7. Accept the offer, if successful

Once your application has been processed, we will contact you by email to confirm the outcome. If successful, you will receive an offer letter which will detail your next steps.

8. Pay the deposit

You will be required to pay a deposit to secure your place at the university.

9: Attend a TEG credibility interview

The purpose of this interview is to assess if students are credible and genuine. At this stage you will need to prepare your CAS documents for review.

10. Apply for Visa

International students, including nationals from EEA or Switzerland, would require a student visa to study at UWS London.

Application guide

Information to explain how you can apply and make your UWS application as smooth as possible for all our courses.


VISA, Immigration
and ATAS


Enquire with us

We are here to help and to make your journey to UWS London as smooth as possible. Please use the relevant button below to enquiry about a course you would like to apply, or to clarify any questions you may have about us and our admission’s process. After you submit your enquiry, one of our advisers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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