Payment plans

As a self-funded international student, you can also pay your tuition fees in advance or set-up a payment plan for the remaining balance of your tuition fees, minus the initial deposit, on receipt of invoice. 

  • Deposit: 50% of the tuition fee payable upon receiving an unconditional offer, to secure your place at the university. The remaining balance can be paid through one of the following payment plans:
  • Payment Plan Option 1: Students will qualify for a 5% discount if they pay their remaining fee balance in full within one month of the course start date.
  • Payment Plan Option 2: Students can pay their remaining balance in 7 equal, monthly instalments with the first payment due one month after the course start date.

To set up one of the above payment plans, students would be required to make the payments from a single UK bank account, held in their own name.

Please note that when you are setting up a payment plan, you own bank may apply charges for this and for each transaction. It is your responsibility to cover these local charges yourself as they are not part of your tuition fees.

Watch video about making recurring payments

Sponsored students

If you are a self-funding student but your tuition fees are being paid by someone other than yourself (or your family), then you are classed as a sponsored student.

The payment plans detailed above are not applicable where a sponsor is paying your tuition fees, and separate terms and conditions will apply to your sponsor.

It is important to note though, that even though you are not paying for your tuition yourself, you are still responsible for ensuring that these are paid to the University in full and on time.


If your tuition fees are being paid by someone other than yourself (or your family), then you are classed as a sponsored student.

Your sponsor may be a:

  • Private sector employer
  • Public sector organisation
  • Government agency
  • Charitable trust
  • International government or agency
  • Foundation
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Overseas institution

Sponsors can pay all or part of your tuition fees and any additional costs on your behalf.

However, it is important to remember that the University’s relationship is always with you (the student) as the recipient of tuition.

If a sponsor fails to pay all or part of the fee, regardless of any agreement they have with a student, the student will remain liable for any outstanding costs

If your tuition fees are being paid on your behalf by a sponsor, you need to submit a Sponsorship Form confirming the details for your arrangement, and ensuring the University has the information needed to invoice your sponsor.

Completed forms should be returned by email to:

Where the University does not have your sponsor information you will be invoiced for your tuition fees.

Online tuition fee payment

Our online payment facility is the quickest and easiest way to pay your deposit, advanced payments, and tuition fees. If you choose to pay online, you will receive a receipt instantly to inform you that payment has been made. For all other methods of payments, please check with your bank to see when the funds are transferred.

Whether you are paying online or by bank transfer please ensure that you quote your Banner ID and full name when making a payment.

In order to set up your payments in line with the plan above, you will need to set up a recurring payment, using your debit or credit card, through our online payment facility.

Refund policy

Non‐refundable deposits – International Students
If a student has received a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) from UWS and thereafter decides not to take up their place a non-refundable fee of £500 will be retained by UWS.

A student will be eligible for a refund (less £500 fee) in the event that they have applied for a visa to study at UWS and this has been refused by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). A copy of the visa refusal letter must be provided to UWS.

The University will review each visa refusal on a case by case basis examining all of the facts before making an informed decision.