Course Aim/Overview

A gentle introduction to Artificial Intelligence for absolute beginners using hands-on activities.

  • What is AI?: Understand the huge breadth of possible AI techniques. Understand a little of this history. Understand what an algorithm is.
  • Reinforcement Learning: Understand this useful AI technique for training “agents” to perform a task.
  • Teach an Agent to Solve a Maze: Teach an agent to find its way out of a maze.
  • Teach an Agent to Play a Game: Teach an agent to play a simple 2-player game like noughts and crosses.
  • Teach a robot to Walk: Teach a simple robot simulation to walk.

The course will involve coding with the Python programming language, which is a popular programming language used by professional coders. The course is aimed at beginners, so template code will be provided and lots of non-coding activities will be provided.