Course Aim/Overview

A gentle introduction to Data Science for absolute beginners using hands-on activities. This course will involve coding with the Python programming language, which is one of two primary languages for professionals working in data science (the other being R). 

This course is aimed at beginners, so template code will be provided and lots of non-coding activities will be provided.  Some simple statistics will be explained and used, but no previous knowledge is expected.

  • What is Data Science?: Understand what data science is and what it is used for. Understand the various data roles that exist and what they entail.
  • Machine Learning: Understand how machines learn from data using algorithms.
  • Predict A Sporting Event Outcome: A simple activity to show how algorithms can be used to predict who will win a match.
  • Predict a Category: Build a classification model to predict what someone might do, e.g. can we predict whether someone will buy a product?
  • Predict a Numerical Value: Build a regression model to predict a value, e.g. can we predict the happiness level of a country?
  • Visualisation: Use visualisation to understand and explain data patterns.
  • Data Science Competition: Compete against your fellow students to build a model to make predictions based on some data. You will be provided with a scenario and the data.