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Course fees for 2022

Price table

Courses Home students course fees * International students course fees *
International Foundation Programme (Business) £9,250 £9,250
BA (Hons) International Business £9,250 * £13,325 *
BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies £9,250 * £13,325*
MEd Education Studies (specialism) £13,325 £13,325
MSc Accounting and Finance £13,325 £13,325
MSc Information Technology £13,325 £13,325
MSc Project Management £13,325 £13,325
Master of Public Administration £13,325 £13,325
MBA with Banking and Finance £13,325 £13,325
MBA with Digital Marketing £13,325 £13,325
MBA with Leadership £13,325 £13,325
MBA with Logistics and Supply Chain Management £13,325 £13,325
Joint Pre-sessional English/MBA N/A ⁑​ £16,400
Pre-sessional English N/A ⁑​ £3,200

* Course fees – Fees mentioned above are per year fees

⁑​ N/A – Not available

Scholarships – We regret, the London campus does not offer full scholarships at this moment in time. However, there are limited number of bursaries offered to international applicants on a per course basis. Contact email: enquires@teg.london for more details.

Paying your fees — International Students

Self-financing international students are required to pay a deposit of £5,000 to secure their confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS).

This Certificate is required to complete your visa application once you have received an unconditional offer of a place on your chosen course.

You will generally pay this deposit between 3 months and 6 weeks before the start of your course so that your visa can be processed on time.

Early Payment Discount

International students who pay their tuition fees in full 7 days prior to classes commencing would be entitled to a discount of 10% of their remaining tuition fees after £5,000 for the CAS payment and any scholarships/bursaries are deducted.

Payment Plan

Alternatively, there is an option of paying the remaining fee balance in two equal instalments. In order to set up your payments in line with the plan below, you will need to set up a recurring payment, using your debit or credit card, through our online payment facility.

For January intake:

1st instalment: 1st April
2nd instalment: 1st July

For May intake:

1st instalment: 1st August
2nd instalment: 1st November

For September intake:

1st instalment: 1st November
2nd instalment: 1st February

Payment Method

If you are a self-financing student, it is your responsibility to meet the cost of your tuition, so we recommend planning ahead for your studies, and budgeting effectively for both your tuition fee payment(s) and your living costs.

Self-financing students can pay their tuition fees through our online payment facility or through the UWS Western Union payment portal. You will be able to pay your tuition fees by either debit or credit card using our online payment facility. You can use this online payment facility to make a one-off payment, or to set up a recurring payment plan.

Family and sponsors can also make payment payments on behalf of a student.

Refund Policy

Non‐refundable deposits – International Students
If a student has received a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) from UWS and thereafter decides not to take up their place a non-refundable fee of £500 will be retained by UWS.

A student will be eligible for a refund (less £500 fee) in the event that they have applied for a visa to study at UWS and this has been refused by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). A copy of the visa refusal letter must be provided to UWS.

The University will review each visa refusal on a case by case basis examining all of the facts before making an informed decision.

Student Fees and Refunds Procedure (Nov 2020)

Paying your fees — UK/EU Students

UK and EU students with settle or pre-settle status can check their eligibility for funding for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and for help with living costs as a student at: www.gov.uk/student-finance

EU nationals and their family members living in the UK before the end of 2020 who have settle or pre-settle status and meet the residency conditions of 3 years in the UK, may be granted UK fee status.

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals moving to live in the UK after 31st December 2020 without any form of settled immigration status may be granted “International” fee status. For further information on fee status, please access here.

Student fee policies

If you are a self-financing student, it is your responsibility to meet the cost of your tuition, so we recommend planning ahead for your studies, and budgeting effectively for both your tuition fee payment(s) and your living costs. You can find useful guidance to help you prepare on our Budgeting & Planning webpages.

In the event of non-payment, the University reserves the right to the following:

  • Non-payment will lead to the University withholding the issue of degree, diploma and course programme completion parchments and letters
  • Non-registration for continuation of programmes
  • Non-registration for end-of-semester examinations or withholding of examination results
  • Tuition fees remain the responsibility of the student until accounts are settled in full by their sponsor
  • Legal action which will result in additional costs to the student
  • If your account is passed to the University’s approved debt collection agency or for legal action, all outstanding balances will become due immediately*
  • The University has the right to refuse credit facilities to students who in previous years, defaulted on their instalment dates
  • Eviction from residencies/flat (rental debts only)

* The University utilises the employment of professional and reputable debt collection agents, together with any interaction with government agencies as required.

If you are unsure what you might owe, or would like to set up a payment plan, you should contact the Finance Team at ar@uws.ac.uk.

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