Discovering the UK

Looking to explore beyond the boundaries of London? We’ve got you covered with plenty of fantastic recommendations.` The UK is brimming with captivating places, ranging from enchanting medieval castles to thrilling surfing beaches. There’s something for everyone!

Discovering the UK

If you’re looking for exciting destinations during your semester breaks, here’s a list of great places to consider:

  • Cardiff City – Explore the capital city of Wales, visit Cardiff Castle, and experience the lively cultural scene.
  • Manchester – Embrace the buzzing atmosphere of this vibrant city. Enjoy music, art, and a thriving culinary scene.
  • York – Discover the historical city of York with its medieval walls, cobbled streets, and stunning York Minster.
  • Lake District – Explore the stunning landscapes of the Lake District National Park. Hike, sail, or simply enjoy the tranquillity of this picturesque region.
  • Bath – Visit the charming city of Bath, known for its well-preserved Roman baths and beautiful Georgian architecture. Don’t miss the opportunity to soak in the Thermae Bath Spa.
  • Brighton Beach – is one of the closest beaches to London. Southern Rail operates a train from London Victoria to Brighton every 30 minutes. Tickets cost anywhere between £15 – £45, and the journey takes 58 min. Brighton and Hove is a brilliant city for students and has plenty to do, including excellent nightlife and restaurants to visit.
  • Freshwater West Beach – This hotspot in Wales is a gem and a favourite among locals for surfing, thanks to the awesome Atlantic swells. However, if you’re planning to take a dip, the waters here can be a bit challenging, with strong currents and powerful waves, so it’s important to stay safe!
  • Belfast – Reading week or on summer break? Take a cheap RyanAir flight to Belfast for as little as £30!
Big ben in the background as a train travels past it quickly

Popular cities that students tend to visit include:

  • Manchester
  • Brighton
  • Glasgow
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Aberdeen
  • Belfast

If you’re interested in more activity ideas and want to test out hiking spots near London, check out this blog!

Newcastle Bridge at night time

Whether you’re looking for a city break, want to go on long walks outside London, or learn more about historic sites across the country, you really don’t have to go far outside of London to appreciate this little island’s beauty.



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