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Studying business is a versatile degree for energetic self-starters who are hungry for success. With a business degree, you will dive deep into the best strategic minds, master business theory and grasp critical thinking abilities to sharpen your mindset. Whether your goal is to become a CEO in the corporate world, an entrepreneur or an HR representative, a business degree is a perfect option for many ambitious students. But why study business in the UK’s capital city? Here are 7 reasons why you should study business in London.

1. Gain an International Outlook

Since London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, it is no surprise that more than a quarter of the student population in the city is international. With a classroom full of diversity, studying business in London will lead to rich classroom discussions and debates. You will experience students from across the globe bringing their unique viewpoints to the table in every study session.

The business universe is global, so having daily opportunities to understand the corporate world on an international scale will no doubt expand your mindset. The strategic outlook you will gain from studying business in London can help you contextualise new angles in life and develop fresh perspectives on the future world.

2. Be Exposed to Top Brands and Start-Ups

London is headquarters to some of the largest brands in the world. It is the place where mature businesses thrive and new businesses are born, with around 200,000 start-ups opening in the city every year. The opportunities to network with leaders and investors right on your doorstep will be limitless.

By studying business in London, you will be exposed to the buzz of motivated workers darting across the city as they build and maintain their business. You can even reach out for an exclusive meeting with top leaders yourself to understand the corporate and self-starter world. With many business graduates heading for careers in finance, human resources, marketing or entrepreneurship, you will have more networking opportunities in London than almost anywhere else.

At UWS London, you will also get to hear from high-profile guest speakers in your lectures and visit national companies to see some of the greatest innovations in practice as part of your business studies.

3. Build Friendship Networks for Life

Building strong networks in your studying years will benefit you for the rest of your life. When studying in the busy city, you will meet like-minded people on similar career paths as you. These networks can become life-long business leads that you will treasure for many years after your degree.

Networks are great for business, but friendships are more important. By acquiring your degree in the heart of the UK, you will gain friends that can support you both personally and professionally. Your classmates will likely share your ambitions to thrive and you can keep each other motivated throughout your studies (and possibly the rest of your life!).

4. Stand Out Above the Crowd

London has big plans to progress. Across the world, London is recognised for its high educational standards. By having a business degree from the centre of business in the UK, you can stand out from the crowd.

Workplace’s value critical thinkers and people that understand the importance of progressive attitudes. From technologies to economics, the environment to workplace culture, London is advancing everywhere. There is no better place to understand the key issues of the modern world and gain the upper hand in the world of business than in London. Studying business in London can give you the fresh perspective you need to catch the attention of prospective employers.

5. Experience London Life

There’s a certain drive about London. It’s a fast-paced city with a buzz of success. As a student studying business in London, you can devour all that London life has to offer. From studying for free at Google’s Campus to watching a live Ted Talk in the city, there are more than enough ways to feel motivated by the bustle. The unstructured city full of greenery, history and towering skyscrapers offers more than enough opportunity for you to develop your mindset and strengthen your career.

But that’s not all! You will also have unlimited access to the expanse of vibrant nightlife opportunities and daytime amusements to help you unwind and enjoy everything that life has to offer. There is so much to do in London that you will constantly be balancing your studies with your social life – helping you develop great time management skills without even realising it! For more on the nightlife in London, check out our post on student life in London.

6. Understand Different Cultures

It won’t just be in the classroom that you will find diversity. People from almost 300 different nationalities live in London and over 30 million tourists are estimated to visit the city each year. By studying business in the city, you will have ample opportunity to meet people from all walks of life – whether ordering street food or socialising in Camden.

Having an astute awareness of other cultures will be immensely beneficial for your career – especially if you plan on studying international business. Modern workplaces are not just venues with beanbags and high-speed internet connections. They are environments that embody a culture that responds to people’s physical and psychological preferences to optimise collaboration, productivity and happiness. Being experienced in different cultures will enable you to bring an inclusive attitude to the business world that is essential for its future.

7. Gain Fluency in the English Language

If English is not your first language, or you are looking to study in London as an international student, then living in the capital is the best way to gain fluency in the spoken and written word. English is renowned as the global language of business and companies from all over the world value candidates with fluency in the English dialect.

Studying in London will allow you to develop your language skills and practice them in day-to-day life. You will also learn how to socialise in English, which will be an invaluable skill for both interviews and working life in the business world.

8. Why Choose Business Studies?

There are countless benefits of studying business. First of all, it offers a range of invaluable transferable skills and knowledge that you can apply to many industries. Business studies will provide you with insights into business planning, market analysis, product development, and strategies for growth. Another reason to study business is the multitude of potential roles and pathways this degree can unlock for you.

Interested in studying business at UWS London?

If you are interested in business studies courses in London look no further than UWS London. Our business programme can help kick-start your career. Our syllabus has been designed with industry leaders at the forefront of their progression to help you build a stimulating career in business. Find out more about studying business at UWS London.



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