Trust me, UWS is one of best decision I've ever made in my life. Every step that we take was guided.

Dhananjayan Rajendran

MEd Educational Studies

Initially when I started having the idea of doing a master’s degree abroad, I was doing a bit of research, which is when I came across the UWS London. I had a little bit of groundwork and research on what the course is all about and that is when I got in touch with The Education Group London and they gave me guidance on how the course will help me in improving my career. I already have a bachelor’s in education and if I can do a master’s in education, when go back to India or move to any other country it would add a lot of value for me. Plus, the module and the course offering were way much higher than compared to all the other universities across London.

The UK was my first international visit. So, it was really challenging when I think of moving abroad but this was an easy journey for me because. They made me feel at home. Trust me, UWS is one of best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Every step that we take was guided. Every step that we had been taken was constantly monitored and somebody was there to handle it because they knew that many of the students here came for the first time.

The discussion quality I had with other students was in a much higher level. In here, we have students from different backgrounds and countries. London is a hub. It’s a spot for students across the world. Here in the UK, the teaching system is a lot different and broader than back home in India, because we don’t have a set textbooks or reference books. UWS has trained me in doing more academic writing and to put my ideas and knowledge into a paper. I plan to stay here for a few more years and get a few years of experience and knowledge. Whatever it is I’m gaining in here, whether it’s a learning from the university or work experience, it gave me something that I can share and add more value in my country.

Maria Elena Castro Lopez

Ana Badulescu

Hillary Chinonso Ugwuanyi

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