Mental Health

Advice, support and guidance for mental health & wellness in students and everyone.

UWS London prides itself on being an advocate for wellness and mental health. When left unchecked, your mental health can affect your physical health, relationships, thoughts, feelings, and ability to cope with academic and day-to-day life pressures.

We want all our students to recognise and meet their full potential during their time with us. To ensure this, we provide a range of information and services to help our students find healthy ways to combat stress and find support for common mental health issues.

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Mental Health

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Our mental health blog series covers how our students can manage and find coping mechanisms for their anxiety, depression, stress, and issues with nervousness.

In addition, we regularly publish advice on how international students can acclimatise themselves on campus and make the most out of their studying abroad experience.

For students who need additional support, we offer a range of welfare support services, including independent advice service via the Student Union, well-being-bolstering events and bringing therapy pets onto campus at exam time.

Our SilverCloud service gives all our UWS students access to free and confidential digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which can teach healthier coping mechanisms via online courses and resources. CBT is an evidence-backed therapy suitable for a range of mental health problems. It focuses on how attitudes, beliefs and thoughts can be self-limiting through their influence on feelings and actions and how these maladaptive belief systems can be replaced by positive ones that will build confidence and resilience.